The Story

Nestled in the heart of Palm Springs, The Velvet Rope is a boutique hotel that seamlessly blends its storied past with modern luxury. Originally built in the 1950s, this iconic establishment began its journey as a haven for Hollywood stars seeking refuge from the bustling city life. Known then as The Desert Mirage, it was a glamorous retreat where the elite could unwind in style. The hotel's mid-century modern architecture, characterized by clean lines, flat planes, and large glass windows, embodied the chic aesthetic of the era and quickly became a symbol of Palm Springs' allure. Over the decades, The Desert Mirage saw various transformations, reflecting the changing tastes and times. However, it was in 2023 that the hotel underwent its most significant metamorphosis, emerging as The Velvet Rope. Under the visionary direction of renowned designer and owner David Rios, the property has been meticulously restored and enhanced to offer an unparalleled experience of sophistication and comfort. David Rios, a celebrated figure in the design world, has infused the hotel with his distinctive style, creating an ambiance that is both timeless and contemporary. David Rios's vision for The Velvet Rope was to honor its rich history while providing guests with modern amenities and luxurious touches. The hotel's interiors now feature bespoke furniture, custom art installations, and a palette of rich, inviting colors that echo the glamour of its Hollywood heyday. Each room has been thoughtfully designed to offer a unique experience, with attention to detail evident in every corner. The lush gardens, sparkling pool, and intimate courtyards invite guests to relax and immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the desert landscape. The Velvet Rope is not just a place to stay; it is a destination where history, design, and luxury converge. Whether you are here to explore the vibrant cultural scene of Palm Springs, host an unforgettable event, or simply escape for a rejuvenating retreat, The Velvet Rope promises an experience that will linger in your memory long after your stay.